2005 BBC Comedy Collection Z9 86522

2x DVD: 6 episodes

Region 2

Language: English
Subtitle: Dutch (Nederlands)

Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant
Guest Stars: Ben Stiller; Samuel L. Jackson; Ross Kemp; Kate Winslet; Les Dennis; Patrick Stewart


Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais uit The Office), een bitter, knorrig en sarcastisch acteur, zegt zijn gewone job vaarwel om het helemaal te gaan maken in de filmwereld. Tot dusver heeft hij nog niet eens een sprekende rol bemachtigd, maar hij laat de moed niet zakken. Op de set is hij immers dik met de top-acteurs, en dat sterkt zijn geloof dat de doorbraak elk moment kan gebeuren. Was zijn impresario maar niet zo godsgruwelijk nutteloos. Met zijn collega en beste vriendin Maggie verbeuzelt Andy zijn tijd doorgaans in de koffiekamer. Bij het consumeren van sloten koffie klagen ze steen en been over hun andere collega s en zeuren ze continu over hun miezerige leventje. En dan zijn er nog de gastrollen van een paar megasterren uit Hollywood (o.a. Ben Stiller, Vinnie Jones, Kate Winslet) die je, na het ondergaan van een Gervais-behandeling, met heel andere ogen gaat bekijken.


Amazon.co.uk Review
Extras,Ricky Gervais’ much-anticipated follow-up to The Office, is a quieter affair, and a little less accessible that its award-laden predecessor. But across the six episodes on this first season DVD set are several episodes that will richly reward repeated viewings.

Gervais plays Andy Millman, an actor whose roster of jobs seems to consistently consist of extras work. Each episode follows him on a different production, and also brings in a notable guest star. Lining up throughout the series are the likes of Samuel L Jackson, Kate Winslet and Ben Stiller. And while their presence undoubtedly adds something to each carefully crafted episode, it’s perhaps those with the lesser names that show the programme on top form--certainly the appearance of Les Dennis makes for an excellent half hour of comedy-drama.

At the core though is Gervais’ Millman--a far easier character to warm to than David Brent--and Ashley Jensen’s marvellous Maggie Jacobs. It’s these two who consistently provide the show’s highlights, and while the headlines have been generated by the all-star roster of names attracted to appear in Extras, it’s the two less showy characters who work the best.

Extras isn’t a show full of belly laughs, and its fanbase is likely to be smaller than that of The Office. But it’s still a quality creation, properly crafted, with an awful lot to it to enjoy and appreciated.--Simon Brew

Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais) is an actor but his agent cannot get him an acting job. Instead he is just an extra in films, a different film a different location, ever hopeful that one day he will actually get some lines. Ricky Gervais' follow up series to the enormously successful The Office sees Gervais repeating the acute observations on real life used in The Office, this time in the world of films. Guest stars on Extras include both Hollywood actors (Ben Stiller, Kate Winslett, Samuel.L Jackson, Patrick Stewart) and actors familiar to British television viewers (Ross Kemp and Les Dennis). All the actors are more than happy to send themselves up, whether it be Patrick Stewart and his sex obsession or Kate Winslett only deciding to do a Holocaust film because she thinks she'll win an Oscar for it. Contains all six episodes from the series.

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