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2006, No Type IMNT 0715
CD and Inlay in EXCELLENT condition
1. Koons
2. Pruitt-Igoe
3. Tatline
4. Aufbau
5. Die Fröhlige Wissenschaft
6. Quelque Chose d'Informed
7. Color Field
8. Gutai
9. Recollection of Similarity
10. Begriffschrift
11. Crowding Into the Behavioural Sink
12. Holzwege
13. Turner
14. All-Over
15. Wirkungsgeschichtesbewusstsein
16. Mathesis
17. Crowding into the behavioural Sink (John Vaughn's Rondo Mix)
“Today, when we can eat Tex-Mex with chopsticks while listening to reggae and watching a YouTube rebroadcast of the Berlin Wall’s fall - i.e., when damn near everything presents itself as familiar — it’s not a surprise that some of today’s most ambitious art is going about trying to make the familiar strange. [...] Whatever charge of tastelessness or trademark violation may be attached to the artistic appropriation of the media environment in which we swim, the alternative — to flinch, or tiptoe away into some ivory tower of irrelevance — is far worse.” (Foster Wallace, as “plagiarized” by Jonathan Lethem in The Ecstasy of Influence, Harper’s Magazine, February 2007)
This first solo CD by composer A_dontigny (morceaux_de_machines, Napalm Jazz, Ensemble Camp…) has been deliberately conceived to be in the margins of electroacoustic music, electronica and audio art.
Thought up as a series of short sarcastic vignettes, Geisteswissenschaften skilfully manipulates common aesthetic postures in order to create a sound mosaic where one can find hints at modern art history and philosophy. To an arsenal of cut-and-paste and cut-ups, to which we may include encoding glitches and all matter of samples and quotes, A_dontigny adds the sonic interventions of three of his usual collaborators: Paul Dolden (electric cello, guitar and bass), Diane Labrosse (sampler) et Jon Vaughn (remix).
An ode to freedom? A manifest against all dogmas? That’ll depend on the mood of the listener. In the end, Geisteswissenschaften wishes to be a celebration of independance of spirit and human intelligence, one of those rare works that continue to be nourished by great hopes.
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